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Hot Chimp

Hot Chimp

Human activity is rapidly changing the environment, as revealed in a whole host of current statistics from various scientific bodies. The striped background of this drawing shows a visual representation of the rise in average temperature for London from 1850 to 2022, from left to right. The Darwinian chimp represents the natural world and holds an hourglass, with 24k gold leafed sand showing our most valuable commodity - time, and how it is slipping away as the world starts to burn. The quote around the hourglass is taken from the novel trilogy The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu, about an existential threat to civilisation, and how time must not be wasted in order to find the answers for continued survival.

Signed, stamped and numbered by the artist. Edition of 30.
Giclée print on 100% cotton acid free archival paper. Size: 42cm x 42cm.